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My current projects

The following are my current priorities and have my varying but full attention. Until they don't.


Freelance Motion Design &

Art Direction

Since 2006 I work in Post Production From Editing to Color Grading. Most at home I feel at 2D/3D Motion Design so I started my Business 6 years ago. Since 2019 I work fully Freelance and I am eager to take on new projects. I still love what I do. You can check out my Shortfilms and Commercial work below. Next to it a list of my favorite clients.


A Parents Guide to Video Games

After talking to a lot of gaming addicts through the internets safety-net and with a vast history of gaming throughout my child/adulthood and a look at the upcoming youth I decided to provide information and some clarity for parents and other that feel helpless.


With a lot of study on topics like dopamine and the stimulation we are exposed to on a daily basis I am putting together my research and self-knowledge into a book to help parents handle to deal with the  digitalised world, starting with what hooks a lot of people first: video games. 


Work hard, play hard, or something like that? Since we decided to spend more of our money on Games instead of going to the Pub we discovered the diverse richness the Hobby has to offer. After playing over 200 games, my flatmate up to 2018 Alexander and I decided to develop our own game as many players feel inclined to do so. Printers running low on Ink due our diligent prototype prints. 







Designing  Herbs of Doom (w.t.)


Learning to Draw and Paint

Ever since I stopped drawing at the age of... I guess 10? I wanted to learn how to paint. So 5 years ago I bought a cheap drawing tablet and a book on digital painting. Soon I realised in order to paint you should learn how to draw first. And if you want to learn how to draw you need to learn perspective, shape language, anatomy, color harmony and about 572 other rules. Good art has its foundation in physics. Discouraged and packaged with a dozen tutorials I... gave up. This is hunting me till today. So I am starting my second, more structured attempt, only now, the fear of the blank page is as big as ever. This has started to be one of the biggest hurdle I have to overcome and really makes my ego go all over the place -  a great place to grow as a human. I might share what I learn along the way. My endgoals is to draw Landscapes from imagination. Wish me luck. 


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