On Identity and entangled narratives

Are you or are you not your f**king khakis?

Every time I get kinda bored at my current field of work or things I am studying I start to panic and search for a new thing to invest myself into. That is in itself not so bad, but I throw myself into this with a 100% all in or nothing attitude and try to let this (usually artistic endeavours) define my whole identity. To give an example, I don't do photography, I become a Photographer. For the longest time, I could not just have a hobby, I had to be. This made for a pretty shaky ego.

We go through life, we have experiences. To each experience we have an emotional reaction. To that we write a narrative, justifying that emotional reaction. So our identity becomes a huge collection of our narratives. It's a mess. - Mark Manson

People love identification. Which Harry-Potter House am I? What is my spirit animal? Usually people are judged by their professions. Judging myself purely on how successful I was at doing X was brought me more pain than defining myself in much broader more mundane ways. A creator, lover, student of life. My goal is still to become a better artist but I will not let my happiness be defined by that and any specifics and go more with the flow.

This site is a representation of different aspects of my life and the things I am working on and my will to create and not to be the best at X.

Don’t be defined by what you do.

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